Beingness, the Hard Problem and a Theory of Everything

With love and gratitude to the world at large- a tiny attempt to align my work and my spiritualty; summing up years of architecting my self and findings beyond a journey you could probably trace in the archives of this blog.

Thanks to the collective wisdom of preceding eons that has seeped into me despite my best efforts through my lineage here, Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj, Eckhart Tolle, Yogananda Paramhansa, Deepak Chopra, Oprah Winfrey, Dr. Jeffrey Martin, Yvonne Moira and Jeff Lieberman.

To you and the energy you embody, I am infinitely grateful.

Here’s the 6 min. pecha kucha talk (w. prompts :).


Since you were born you were conditioned to be a person. You weren’t born one- you were made one- being made to identify with the image in the mirror as you- and all else as not you


If you’re alive- your goal is well being- you want to be happy- and so everything you do, say, want, acquire, achieve- is because you’re betting it’ll make you happy. If _____ then I’ll be happy-


But the search for happiness/ well being is ultimately and fundamentally, the search for wholeness. Happiness is an automatic state- of alignment with oneself (Gandhi- “happiness is when what you think, what you say and what you do are the same”)


David Chalmers – hard problem of consciousness…contemporary theories of consciousness explore consciousness as fundamental

Slide6 Slide7 Slide8

David Chalmers – consciousness as fundamental property of this universe. Beyond dimensionality (what happens to dimensionality at the big bang? there’s singularity- undifferentiated energy.

It’s so subtle that we miss it- like fish in water- the blind spot in the self…


Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle/headless way say the same thing. And you know it in your experience as a human being.


Slight subtle perspectival shift- nothing more. But that simple shift changes everything….


The mind is a n evolutionary tool: a problem solving machine so powerful & advantageous that it comes to operate as default. But if you haven’t found it’s off button, thinking and mind identification are compulsive- you have no control over it, it controls you.

And it tells you you are separate. This illusion of separation is THE fundamental cause of everything negative you may find manifest, where, by definition: positive energy is that which unites and negative energy is that which separates. All negativity is born of an illusory state of disconnection from wholeness- fear, violence, sadness, desire, judgment, anger, loneliness, depression, greed, anxiety, over consumption – you name it…


As you read this, turn your attention to WHO is listening? Where are the words going? Have you ever objectively looked at your thought process? learn to watch the constructs and conditioning of the mind- and then, watch your self watching.

Turn attention to who is paying attention- to what comes and goes, and what remains.

This is a slight subtle perspectival shift- nothing more. Become familiar with it-


Meditation is the only thing you ever do with no goal. Existing in consciousness with no preference for one state over another.

With neuroplasticity- your brain defaults to its dominant modality. If you train it for stillness, that becomes the default mode of operation- instead of incessant narrative thought, and thus needless suffering.


The key is to find stillness, allow space to connect with the self without distraction. Being fully present where you are- be here NOW and you come back to center, home to your self. Change your relationship to time, space…


So who are you? That which comes and goes or that which remains? Have a look at what remains…

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