Eames Chair Competition- we win!

A PCA collaboration- our team was the winner of the 2014  Herman Miller Design Challenge. The chair was on exhibit at the Institute of Contemporary Art.

All 21 entrants were given a classic white Eames molded plastic side chair with wire base and challenged to create “a seat of self expression” interpreting the design legacy of the chair’s designers, Charles & Ray Eames. Entries were judged by criteria including best interpretation of each team’s inspiraton, most creative use of materials, best reflection of Eames design philosophy and spirit, best construction and most artistic. It was an amazing display of talent and we are very excited and honored to be selected #1!


Design Statement:

As an ode to the Eames approach of venerating commonplace materials and creating objects of beauty for the masses, the penciled chair exploits a critical implement in the designer’s toolbox, using it to celebrate beauty in process.  

The seemingly soft cushion of pencil shavings adorning the seat, the structured and geometric pattern of pencils comprising the back, and the graphite gray lead base all pay homage to the pencil and its role in the design process.  

The triangulated patterns and colors derive from the works of Ray and Charles Eames, and the finished object becomes a textured reinterpretation and celebration of the Eames’ experimental and collaborative aesthetics.

chair 01 chair 03 chair 04 cropped chair photochair 05 chair 06 chair 08 chair 09

chair 10IMG_1406 IMG_1460

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