who am I?


Non-dual awareness disguised as Ishita Sharma is having a full blown love affair with life, disguised as a yogi disguised as a designer. She is here to share beauty, truth and stillness.

Born of multiple continents, media and disciplines, her work explores poetic revelations in the mundane and encounters with the self in its search for wholeness.

Intrigued by reflections of the universal in the particular, and of the particular in the universal, she zooms out, moving towards universality and the place in her where art, design and spirituality intersect.

She enjoys connecting the dots, ideas and people- to themselves, each other and the world. She is currently studying models of healing and human development while providing personalized tools for inner wellbeing via Come to Center.

She would love to hear from you! To commission art, buy prints or just chat about the universe, feel free to connect: