aam aadmi party

Selling fruit on a Wednesday night bazaar by cheap white light, he wore his cap with pride- politically ripe, ready for the Delhi elections. Brimming with hope that this time, someone would finally, take a stand for the aam aadmi– the common man- the fruit seller in the bazaar or the cobbler in the street.

“Mujhe chahiye swaraj” his hat reads- “I want self rule.” Sponsored by the short-lived optimism of a newly formed, inexperienced party- the common man’s party- the Aam Aadmi Party.

Elections came and went. The plight of the common man- who are the masses by the way (?) – remains unchanged. Let’s repaint 0ur hats with Modi next- for in his hands, lies the precarious future of India, and all its aam aadmis…


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