in your eyes


boy3 candy floss boy6

As he finished his pitch, it struck me that I had never encountered shier eyes or a more timid voice from someone trying to sell me something on the brutal streets of India and I stood mesmerized instantaneously, by this little seller of candy floss…

I said, “I don’t really want what you’re selling” when he offered me his candy floss.

He paused, and softly said, “I’ll give you two for Ten Rupees.”

Enrapt by his eyes, I smiled and said I’d take none for Twenty and handed him a Twenty Rupee note. Confused, he kept looking at me as I snapped up a few shots and he held out four packs for me. A fellow waif explained to him, I didn’t want the candy and that he could keep the cash.

You could see the embarrassment flood his face. Abashed, he couldn’t make time to say thank you before the police came by and rushed him out of the premises for illegal hawking.

He must’ve been about eight. Don’t let the blazer fool you- he’s never been to school.


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