Of all the patches in this quilt can you guess which one is mine?

Hehe! This one!

It was my first time making a quilt patch and I admittedly, happily, got a bit carried away! First I made a boat. Then I made a cloud…and then I couldn’t resist putting a bird on it.

It’s very me if I might say so myself- clear, fun, colorful and rather meta (there’s a boat on the boat- you get it?!)…

But the cool thing is, in following my joy, it turned out, I made something that hit right home. The boat reflected the spirit of the person whose birthday quilt we were making. Though I didn’t know her, something in me did. She said she’s happiest sailing on the water.

I understand.

I’m turning 40 this weekend. I haven’t quite found a 40th birthday project as crafty as this one to involve my whole community in. But I do have an idea brewing…it doesn’t involve stitching though I am realizing I love to sew!

I do I do have a trick up my sleeve. Something that’ll make your life better and mine. And you will be invited to get involved.

Sooooooon. So very soon!

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