Walking around snowy Vermont, closing our 2022 in a big house with friends on this magnificent hill…outside, inside, cold, warm, harsh, friendly, cozy, loud, quiet- all the polarities.

I stole quiet walks amidst the bustle of our full house…16 adults and their progeny. So much Life!

Only Life can bring more Life.

Beautiful, haunting…some black and white and color and all things in between…it’s tempting to make these images all the same color/tone and look more pro. But I’m not shooting for Vogue. At least not yet!

I just want you to feel the land, the fire, the day…the beauty of the whole in every part…

Actually, I haven’t picked up my pro-photo gear in years…all creativity has been Come to Center lately. But this phone camera walk got me. It’s making me want to get behind my 50mm. Or the 75-100mm. mmmmmmm indeed!

Can you feel the morning in my pink bed in the pink bee wall papered room?

My body was oh so tired. But then I looked out at the day through that window. And I heard it whisper, tickling me out of bed. So I went out to greet the land and thank the mountain in the snow, as the low blowing wind misted up a soft snowstorm.

And that cabin? I’d like one of its kind someday. It’s one I’ve dreamed of writing books in under soft lamplight…

Isness is. Anything but Vanilla. Sacred Ground.

The titles and their dedications are clear. The words are still cooking in me. All in due time.

Happy wintering to you.


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