Cloud Mountain

Color design for Cat Tweedie Ball

CLOUD MOUNTAIN (Wall Sculpture)
Copper, acrylic paint, wood / 96” x 48” x 2.5”

In color, in paint I celebrate Life and my love of it. It’s my most elemental language of celebration- I always have energy for that!

So when my heart friend and metal artist Catherine requested my “color genius” (why yes, thank you Cat!) and sent me her sketch for Cloud Mountain- an 8′ sculpture she dreamed up, I leapt at the chance to fill it in with my love – of Life, of color, of her and our sweet friendship.

And she really made it come alive! Our first collaboration in art, and now we are overflowing with ideas itching to be made…and colored :D

Sometimes in the cloud, I see a big flowing squid or whale, or the top of a wizard’s hat- depending on how I am feeling in the moment…

  1. Cat’s original drawing 2. Color study #1: turquoise gold blue mustard saffron 3. Color study #2: purple peach rust turquoise gold And pink for both- everything needs a pop of heart!

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