watercolor swims


In our year off, we meandered through Southern India at the most leisurely of paces…the aim being to flow with is-ness. Nothing more.

Our time away began with a long stay at the the Shivananda Ashram at Neyyar Dam in Kerala. Nestled in the Western Ghats, the ashram yielded a magical time. Living in sync with nature and 4 hours of yoga will do wonders for the body mind and soul : )

As the days passed, a small community of travelers formed, and though it’s hard to say exactly when, we began to share silence and laughter together. In the beautiful sunny and stormy afternoons that followed, the more adventures ones snuck out to Asthamundi Lake. Breaking the rules, ignoring the warnings of lurking Alligators, we rejoiced in its welcoming waters and lost ourselves in something bigger…


On days when the lake shone with hues I couldn’t resist, I pulled out my drawing book to try and for once, capture even the slightest glimpse of that magic that nature makes as clouds swoop down to kiss mountain tops with rain.

And the greens and greys and blues and purples all merge into a color so evasive, you can lose yourself in its chase…


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