come to center

I’m coming out of the (spiritual) closet guys! And I’m pretty stoked about it. I hope to guide any one of you looking to start or deepen a meditation practice someday. In short: Meditation GOOD! for all parts of you ;)

From the core of my being to yours, with love and humility…cometocenter-logo_color_logo_colorHere is an invitation for you to begin the journey to your center. To that place in you where you are good and strong and whole and free.

There is pain in the world, but it need not cause suffering. And the only way out, is in.

Come to Center provides personalized, practical and powerful tools for inner well being. We work with those who wish to know themselves more deeply and connect with the world more consciously. Where science, spirituality meet the power of the human spirit, magic happens…but to find it, you must go within…

To start your journey to your center with me, please visit or click on the picture below.


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