with love. for you.

What  I know is true:

1. You and I are stories. You are not a thing, but a process, a story writing itself. With the ability to change points of view as you please (and only as you please!).

2.  Absolutes are imagined. There is no absolute good, nor an absolute bad (no one is judging). It all just is.

3. Life is meaningless. We ascribe its moments meaning, and the ability to do that is its gift. Because it allows you to transform the worst into the best, through your beliefs and definitions. Simple.

4. Positive and negative are two points of view. While positive energy unites, reminds you of wholeness, brings you closer to your true self, negative energy divides, isolates and pulls you away from your essence.

5. There is light and love and life. All else stems from the lack thereof. When in doubt, choose light, love and life.

6. The question contains the answer within. Wait for the answer to emerge, in peace. The answer is that which dissolves the knot in your stomach, which feels better in your being. That which brings you closer to your truest, fullest expression. That which makes you feel light is right.

7. You have what you need to have when you need to have it. You know what you need to know when you need to know it. Not a second sooner or later. 

8. Operate from your place of knowingness.  Accepting your wisdom is not arrogance.

9. Separate knowing from understanding from faith. Separate  humility from self deception.

10. Humility and gratitude immediately dissolve the ego. Take nothing for granted. Nothing, and no one. Ever.

11.  Learn to give and to receive- both with grace and with humility.

12. The things you want most from the world, from people, those are the first things you must give. Want respect? Give it. Want love? Give it. Want money? Give it. Free yourself from outcomes.

13. Nothing really matters, except your vibration. Choose your vibration (wisely). People and circumstances can only bring you down when you allow them to define you and your joy. Just choose not to, and SHINE ON. Remember, circumstances don’t matter. Only your state of mind matters!

14. Life is an experiment you engage in to allow yourself to evolve into your truest, highest, wholesome, fullest self. In full acceptance of being, and filled, so filled with love. 

15. Enjoy. Just Enjoy!


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