place in ink project – The Whole Wide World


After an exhilarating jump out of an airplane above Cape Cod on a crisp autumn day, the Love Fest in Hyannis brought me Emily Morse with a tattoo of the WWW-The Whole Wide World!

Carrying the planet on her sleeve as “a reminder that the worldis small enough to fit on my arm, and therefore isn’t as overwhelming as it sometimes seems,” Emily and her Golden celebrate their love of the world and Chinese food and the great outdoors on a Sunday afternoon on the cape.



  1. Cool! I sooo miss the Cape! Met a young woman the other day (I noticed she rode a scooter and had to ask about it). I then noticed she had Africa tattooed behind her right ear. Mentioned your project… turns out she is working in Egypt re: elimination of violence against women. Lovely conversation, and you were part of it!!!

    1. I only met her that day :( I thought about it but didn’t have a phone/camera on me. I promise the next time I see one!

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