kali_final_small (1)

In collaboration with Catherine Capozzi of Axemunkee, here is celebrating girl power through Art from Art for “Bring Us Your Women– a film anthology, studio album and a live multimedia music, dance and art performance project dedicated to women and the pursuit of divinity and freedom.”

Art from Art, as in, a dance from a song from a painting from the divine feminine. In this case- celebrating the terrifying power of Kali- the destroyer of evil, of false identity, of darkness in identifying with the flesh when in fact you are spirit.

Kali embodies the duality and the power inherent in the universe and symbolizes the strength in every woman. Freeing people from attachment to their flesh and leading them to truth…the destruction of ego to cross into the universal. The theme for me here is shakti – strength. The image seeks to convey that emergence of inner strength which has the potential to manifest this incredible, all consuming form when provoked.

Live music, dance and art this Thursday at the Oberon. Rockin music by Axemunkee, dancing by Porcelain Daliya and renditions of the divine feminine by yours truly…part of the A.R.T. (american repertory theater). How, appropriate?

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