what drives me is love: Place in Ink Project – Texas

FINALLY began a new personal geographies photo project I’ve been wanting to do for EVERRRRR!

Being at this point, from everywhere in general, and nowhere in particular, I couldn’t pick one out to ink. But I relish the strength of this connection between dwellers and their dwellings which makes us all identify our Selves with geographies, neighborhoods, cities, states, countries…we carry our geographies within us. Here’s to celebrating love of place via those who imprint their bodies with their beloved places…Love is always the driver, ink, just a facilitator.

Asked recently what drives me, my answer was love. It is the driver of everything and everyone, some of us just know it. This’ll be a little project driven by my love of people, of places, of people’s love for places, and of course, the sheer delight of capturing just a little bit of the essence that makes us human..

If you or anyone you know has a tattoo of a place they love (My Louisianians, NOLA Fleur de Lis totally count!!), pleeeease gimme a shout wudja? And I WILL find a way to come take yo pictchaaa!


photo (7)

photo (8)

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