Therme, Vals

vals 5vals hillsidevals hillside hutvals lounging hillockqueen anne's lace

I relish travel in solitude on occasion…In September of 2012 I took an architectural pilgrimage to the village of Vals for the Zumthor masterpiece. One I had anticipated years ago as a young student designing a bathhouse of her own with charcoal on paper. The village of Vals is nestled on the rolling hills scattered between grey rock cliffs and cradles the hotel Therme, Vals.

What started as an architectural journey turned into a celebration of body, spirit, time and love. Photos in 3 parts, these from wanderings around the postcard ready villagescape on a sunny September afternoon…

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  1. Ah, Ish! I love this series. What a wonderful warmly severe contrast that bathhouse is with all the color and curves of the setting around it. I just want to be there, maybe resting on the grass of the bathhouse roof. Thank you.

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