love equation for a nerd

heart“In mathematics, an equivalence relation is a binary relation between two elements of a set which groups them together as being “equivalent” in some way. Let a, b, and c be arbitrary elements of some set X. Then “a ~ b” or “a ≡ b” denotes that a is equivalent to b.

An equivalence relation “~” is reflexive, symmetric, and transitive.

In other words, = is just an instance of equivalence relation.

Edit: This seemingly simple criteria of being reflexive, symmetric, and transitive are not always trivial.”

In my most nerdiest of moods, it can be argued (as I intend to below) that even love may be expressed in elegant mathematics.

Because people are people, we can substitute person 1 with the variable x, and person 2 with the variable y. Variables by their nature vary, so x and y can be girl/boy or otherwise, givers/takers or otherwise, lovers/haters or otherwise, but for them to come together in love and stay therein (a most beautiful concept, mathematical or otherwise), there must be equivalency. Equality implies an unequivocal symmetry that simply can’t exist given the magic of the human experience. There lies encoded here, a finer balance, a mirroring…of spirit, of the deepest of inner desires, of notions so far from the measurable, that this three lined attempt at definition of vagueness in its minimalism, might give the idea just enough room to surface…

Love is not an equation, it’s an exquisite equivalency. i.e:

x ≡ y

or rather,

xˆy ≡ yˆx

because it is only in union, with each raised to the power of the other, that the solidity of the whole can emerge. x carrying y equivalent to y carrying x. Not equals, but equivalents, one mirrored in the other, finding oneself home in the other, and each helping the other fulfill their whole potential. Love, the recognition of one’s self in the other…

Everything, is everything.

Happy Love Day!



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