In Go(o)d We Trust

The ubiquitous “God Bless You” at the end of every Presidential speech always raises a tiny question in my mind – what if the man speaking these words didn’t believe in God? Would he be able to openly admit that? Ever wonder if it is easier for government officials to be gay than atheist?

I think the truest test of a secular democracy would be one where an atheist can be President, without having to apologize for his or (preferably) her lack of “faith.” Inverted commas on faith because it seems to have become synonymous only with religious faith. What about faith in oneself? Or faith in each-other? In that things will be okay, faith in a good universe. What about faith in the most elemental of concepts – goodness. It seems more important and constructive to believe in the network we are all linked into by virtue of simply being human- faith in humanity, propelled forward by hope, trust, optimism- looking forward to the best in us all.

I am beyond the whole theist/atheist debate, but the unspoken directive to conform to a religion seems irrelevant to decision-making that requires reason and analysis of very real data sets in the process of governance.

So, why then is it that we in America put our trust in God when 5% of the population is self declared atheist and the other 95% can’t seem to agree on what (or who) God really is?

Here’s a proposed bank note fix for anyone who is listening: In Good We Trust. If your God is good, then by definition, we got you covered. Just saying…

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