certainly enjoying uncertainty

Found: Shady Heisenberg overlooking Bern's cityscape. September, Switzerland

It took quite some time (a mere aberration), a healthy amount of turmoil (a mere consequence of being human) and an incomprehensible amount of both wondering and wandering to get here (curiosity, it seems, is key), but the angst that set in when I learnt of Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle as a young physics student finally settled this year. Part observation, part understanding and part experience that necessarily defies description.

To get here from a blank slate again, perhaps the seeds of this one simple principle and a passage from the Isha Upanishad might suffice, but that would be in an alternate universe, and I’m a firm believer that the one I’m making here and now is the one that serves me best.

It is an important life skill to separate clarity and certainty; I encourage the march towards the former and examining the need for the latter. Embrace uncertainty, know when to succumb to the chaos, know when to defy it. What is true, is that you will know what you need to know exactly when you need to know it, so just enjoy the whole goddamn process!

His birfday ain’t till Dec, but I’m not good at holding back love when it erupts. So ha-ha-happy early birthday Mr. Heisenberg, I for one sure wish we could’ve had a good chat over dinner or two!

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