the thing about the sea

I am my family’s self proclaimed memory keeper, even though I arrived last.

This is Daddy and Aku at the beach, in a world where I didn’t exist, photographed by my very young mother. It’s a strange thought- the world without you in it- perhaps because no memory of it has survived in the stories we are become…even so, it seems to stay afloat whether we drift in or out

I think she was scared of the ocean, even wrapped in a sailor’s arms. So it looks to me they just stood there a while, toes in the sand. And that’s the kind of father mine is. Patient, and ever so gentle, he may just be kindness personified.

Happy coming birthday, Ak…we’re all missing you on it already : )

“The thing about the sea, it’s bigger than you and me,”
goes this beautiful new track, local artists Hope Trust’s throw me overboard


  1. I love the composite of this photograph. The world is hard place to conceive without ourselves. We all have weak egotistical imaginations.

  2. thank you beautiful people, glad you guys stopped by! i think we need a bit of ocean in our lives every now and then

  3. Yea.. Dega beach..near Calcutta. I was afraid of the water and daddy loved it. He tried to persuade me to enter the water everywhere we went and I stubbornly resisted.. Until I was 12 and our swimming lessons.. Remember?! My memory of him is also stubbornly stuck somewhere between when I was 2 and 12.. Patient, cheerful, spoiling, doting dad!
    I actually don’t remember a time before you came along.. It’s like all those memories have now acquired the knowledge of the presence of my family as I know it.. As it is now.

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