Greetings from electronic city- if in retrospect!

Akihabara is a celebration of electronic consumerism- if it involves electricity or silicon chips- you will find it here. Promise. Oh and did I mention the vending machines with shrink wrapped wet dirty panties you can find middle aged men crouching around? Let’s just say the veils come off to a degree in this part of town…

Everything glows, moves or screams, and the people that come with it are no less interesting- Manga girls in costume, reduced to reflections of imaginary provocative characters can be found luring customers in. The consumers, the followers, the geeks and nerds, the loud and boisterous, the quirky and gimmicky, and of course, the onlooking traveler like me…one big cluster of GO!

I found the only sign of dissent in Japan here- a well organized, policed, civilized way of protesting- this being Japan- with a snake chain of people winding through the crowds with loudspeakers and chants…Have no idea what it was about- but if you can read Japanese, maybe you can give me a clue~ or crue- as they would call it!

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