Sometimes life can get so tangled up that unwinding seems out of reach, doesn’t it? But then you always get out of it and find your feet. The art of grounding, I call it.

For the past couple of summers, we’ve gotten in the habit of hauling out to a friend’s aunt’s ranch-house in east-jesus-no-where: the middle of hill country. Somehow, the summer feels more languid when you live in a place where your mailbox is 2 miles away.

My idea of luxury is not money and things, but time…easy mornings…living at my own pace.

This is a corner of Aunt June’s house, on a cool summer night. When I shot it I wished the web was more complete- prefect, symmetrical, eye candy-ish…in retrospect, I’m glad it wasn’t.

Did you know spider-webs are stronger than steel?

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