the dweller II

India to some seems like an uncontrollable attack on the senses. Somedays, I understand. But others, I wonder if in those stories, time was taken to enjoy the space and time it affords- far removed from regimented confines…

India is a sensuous river, and it floods every once in a while, but it is teeming with life and irrigates a billion people with a life that is really connected to the rhythms of the earth and sky. Time, it goes on, but once in a while, you realize that here- there are no schedules, there will be no 5-step process described for prsuing your mundane goals- here, you can take the flow of time just a little lightly and therefore find room to fly a little.

The photo above is one of a series I call the Dweller– here he is, rising to till his land at dawn, as I stood on the edge of the mustard fields in search of stillness on a December morning…

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