evening falls


What is joy if not perfect synchronicity with the universe and the energies in it?

Here I was, looking up in nola (one of my faaaavourite cities) on a jazz fest evening this May, with some of my faaaavourite people, doing one of my favourite things- art walking…

I found it today and it looks like this painting of mine morphed into dusk…as if I willed this imagined moment’s coming by feeling it in poetry, in paint; and then the most magical thing happened- the mood realized into the moment’s experience- it really came!

O Resonance!

How lucky for me that this universe exists at all, and further exists as it does! Even luckier that all its magic coalesced into my being, and has me drowning in a sea of love-

The bigger picture- it may be hazy for now, but it is getting clearer

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  1. It is oh so amazing. Just remember: we are not here on vacation. Like the weather, the sun shines but it will eventually rain, after which the sun will shine once again. Don’t let this intercept your path to enlightenment, as any experience is one of growth, and growing is why we’re here…

    I’ll be in nola tomorrow…meet you there

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