the man with the hat

Photo shoots like this one are the highs of photo-journalism…

the coming together of things:
my love
for people/character/art/ architecture/ photography/ wandering/ doing/ making/ learning/
and sunlight

Meet Frank Welch.
If you haven’t heard of him you should look him up here.
To say he has moulded the shape of regional modernism here in Texas may be an inadequate beginning…the man with the hat has switched them out often.
His collected photography can be found here.

Look for my Profile interview with him in the next issue of COLUMNS!


  1. his photos are amazing… you both choose similar subject matter. records… in the making. without your eyes and ears and contributions, one may never know of these things. these images of him are a nice allusion to his work and style of photography. i bet he was excited to be interviewed by such an enthusiastic and interesting beautiful young woman as yourself. c:

  2. Ishi,

    I love these pictures of Frank Welch. The light is beautiful.

    He looks a little like an archeologist in the one by the bricks. Where are these bricks?

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