improvisation [the namesake]

written in a dark movie theater, watching the Namesake in Chicago, anticipating poetry class the next day in Baton Rouge…it’s funny how these things happen, the making of art from art…

Andrei Codrescu, I owe you.
Anyways, here goes (with much courage)-

Improvisation [the namesake]

Where do you want to go tonight?

Oh! I don’t know
Try it again-
there’s no previews here

but I still enjoy the watching of
a progression of things


I wouldn’t dream places with him or without you
“Where are you?”

At least he went peacefully but when has that ever
ever sufficed?
We all came out of a nascent certainty
someday you’ll understand
I can do anything
You’ll see there are

It’s all there I already checked-
Eyes black as blackberries.
I don’t want
to get away from this-

Remember always when you are lost that you and I went to a place from where there was nowhere left to go

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