in a nutshell, my life is a struggle against boxes in general and squares in particular (literally and otherwise)- but I see this out of a certain glass window, and it resonates…

…and the fact that it’s abandoned because one day they all stood up and walked out, just intrigues me even more.


  1. I think you should open up more to boxes. Of all the shapes, it is probably the most sustainable because of its reuse potential – both figuratively and literally.

  2. They were tired of the squares! I like the irregular forms you can see made by the lights in the windows and the reflections in the glass. :)

  3. Unfortunately (for my privacy), this will soon be quite active… Dallas gave a large sum of money to my landlord to fix the place up in the next 15 months. Friday morning I noticed an asbestos surveying crew going inside. The boxes live again!

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