How much of what we are and how we view the world and people in it depends on what we’ve been brainwashed with? THINK! Isn’t there a point in time when we should be able to step back from what we’ve been told is right and evaluate it for ourselves?

How would you react to a man walking down the street in a glittering dress complete with heels? Where’s the edge of your prejudices?

Isn’t the purpose of life to enjoy every moment, to find joy, spread it and revel in it? Can we stop taking that joy away from others who seem to have found it, please! Prejudice takes that away from both the subjects and the objects…

If a man wants to walk down the street in heels- power to you brother!


  1. there was a citation, i just don’t remember whose it was but the point was like this: everyone is free to do and to think whatever he/she wants – if only it doesn’t hurt or damage others. :)sorry for my english, Ishita, i guess you understand what i meant thought.
    i like the photo a lot. and all of your visuals too. have a nice day!

  2. hi again:)(sorry for retarding answer; i just don’t enter my email inbox every day). i’m Bulgarian, and female, and i’m not so regular as a commenter but i like to discover interesting places and that’s how i got here. i have a blog too, but i usually don’t give the url when commenting on foreign blogs – because, in my opinion, right now the automatic translation is useful only in case you need some fun. last example: in Bulgarian “the heel” and “the fifth” are spelled equally so that “hey Achiles, say – how many times have they speared your heel?” is turned into “hey Achiles, her say – how many times you deep into the fifth?”. the same with bulgarian words-twins “side” and “country”. what to say:)…

    wow, what a long comment. i’ll stop here.

  3. hahaha! that’s hilarious, but i am SO glad you found my blog all the way from Bulgaria- one of my best friends is from there too, in fact she’s the one on the right of this picture in blue! Thanks for sharing your comments here, and I understand your frustration but hope you’ll keep in touch here!

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