whoa, what?

A few of the final competition boards

Urban Ecology:
Dallas recently ran a competition called Re:Vision Dallas- with an invitation to rethink sustainable urban living and supersede any such existing facility. Jumped on it, of course! From the ground up: sustainability as a cry for longevity- long term investment in  structures that stand the test of time and don’t have to be torn down thirty years down the line.

What’s sustainable about a LEED gold project that needs to be torn down in thirty years? Or for that matter, my favorite- a LEED certified plastic water bottle manufacturing plant…Whoa, not much really- that plastic’s going into a landfill ya see? So the idea here is to pre-empt obsolescence by understanding what the negotiable parts of a structure are: what stays, what can go, and what can come in between? So there ya have it: intelligent, systematic, customizable, individual expression: chaos in order in chaos.

You can be Joe Six Pack, but your neighbor two pods down just might be George W.

And we are A-OKAY with that…such Mavericks!

Alan Richards + Cletus Pippin + Isabel Mandujano + Ishita Sharma: collaborative

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