As in- self reflection is obsolete today, in the age of narcissism the search for self is labyrinthine…what you see are attempts to architecturalize that notion of being and becoming and the tumultuous process herein…

Studies for CeSRON (Center for Self Reflection, Otherness and Narcissism). There must be questions about what the hell this is all about- so ASK!


  1. In my humble, bitter, jaded, yet moderately educated opinion… to “architecturalize” is a verb better reserved for sculptors, freshman philosophy students, and pseudo-intellectual academics who have somehow ended up at the helm of our architectural education.

    As a counterpoint, I would like to say that architects simply ‘make’ architecture. However, we both know that is not entirely accurate… in fact, I have been struggling lately with what it is that architects actually do that is all that critical. I can’t seem to come up with an honest answer to that that doesn’t dip into delusional idealism.

    …says the unemployed architect who sits in a hipster Chicago cafe drinking what’s left of his cash in the form of a damn good cappuccino.


  2. …To architecturalize is to give an idea a spatial expression…is all. And yes- I think it’s essential to the making of architecture. You (and I) may be jaded- but you can’t deny the beauty and the power of the ideas that lie within the works we admire.

    P.s: I too I have been struggling lately with what it is that architects actually do that is all that critical…real architects, anyways.

    Please don’t go away to the air force without showing me your face!

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