[un]veiling the Statler Hilton

they asked for a local landmark to be veiled.
check that premise, and it begs to be un-veiled…desperately!

stop constructing convoluted contraptions and bring the building to life instead…
[AIA Dallas Statler Hilton Competition entry: Ishita Sharma + Preston Kissman collaborative- we did good I’d say]

wanted to keep the graphics graphic, clear and sync the visuals with the theme of the entry- cinematic, vintage glory…(of sorts)…thus the movie-ish-ness!

here’s my fervid verbiage from the board:

[un] veiling the Statler Hilton

 a nostalgic cinematic introspective

The opening of the Main Street Gardens in downtown Dallas elicits the questioning of its very use- who will visit the urban green and what will they see/experience? The block is surrounded by no abandoned relics from Dallas’ glory- now obsolete. Yet, their presence is imposing, and amongst them the Statler Hilton stands dominant in the urban streetscape. Listed as one of America’s most endangered historic buildings in 2008, the Statler is a handsome structure and a monument to the aspirations of an entrepreneurial city- one desperate for a renewed life and un-veiling in a new light.

This proposal seeks to use temporary artwork to bring a sense of revitalization to the space and structure to metaphorically illustrate the best of the hotel’s 56 years shared with the Dallas community, and the possibilities that lie dormant within.

This is accomplished by transforming the façade into a screen onto which films are back-projected. Sheets or (removable) translucent film would be adhered to the interior of the Hilton’s first and second floor windows, and projectors connected inside would then project movies and images onto these surfaces giving the façade a constructed life- animating the façade as seen from the street and the park; thus transforming gardens into a silent outdoor theater for ‘Movies in the Garden.’ Additionally, subtle up-lighting of the Hilton’s façade at night allows it to set the stage for activities in the new park.

The films and images compiled from the collective memory of the city showcase Dallas in the style and splendor of its growing years through the experience of its citizens and the highlights of the Statler Hilton’s glamorous past- a 56 year journey through time. The façade alternates movie panels with static display panels narrating the exhibition, in combination with additional flat color panels whose colors reflect hues used in the interior of the hotel.

Recognizing that pedestrian traffic is important in rebuilding a sense of place and unwilling to impede upon the space of the street, this scheme seeks to attract crowds to experience movies of their city’s past and present, transforming an obsolete sidewalk into a gallery walk.

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